Mindful Coloring Meditation

A simple way to bring calm and relaxation to the mind is through the therapeutic effect of mindful coloring meditation. Check her Books - https://www.amazon.in/s?k=riu+aritri&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

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What will i learn?
  • Hours of relaxation
  • Calmness
  • Peace of mind
  • Unleash Inner creativity
  • Balance the right & the Left brain using non-dominant hand during coloring.

Curriculum for this course
16 Lessons 00:31:15 Hours
2 Lessons 00:07:13 Hours
  • Introduction 00:02:29
  • What is Mindful Meditation? 00:04:44
  • Ancient secrets of sacred geometry and the architecture of the universe. 00:11:34
  • How Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA - Secrets of Geometric Art 00:12:28
  • Mandala Coloring for Beginners
  • Shades of Leaves
  • Flower Coloring Pages
  • Mandala Coloring Sheets
  • Shell Coloring Pages
  • Mandala Coloring Meditation
  • Soulful Coloring
  • Animal Coloring Pages
  • Birds Coloring Pages
  • Blissful Nature Coloring Pages
  • Coloring Pages for Kids
  • Alphabet Doodle Coloring Meditation
  • Willingness to relax the mind with colors.
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Soulful coloring or mindful coloring is one of the relaxing ways to practice mindfulness. Similar to meditation, mindfulness is a very effective way to lower down our random thoughts and bring peace of mind. It is effectively helpful in lowering down the stress level. It will bring you hours of calmness and relaxation. 

Using a non-dominant hand while coloring is the best way to bring balance to our right and left brains. Our left brain is the logical brain and the right brain is the creative brain. In most of the cases, in right-handed people, the logical brain or the left brain is more active. When the right or creative brain is equally active, then we start getting innovative ideas, intuitions that helps us to do smart work as well as it increases our decision-making skills. So, it is highly recommended to try out the coloring process, using your non-dominant hand. It will help you to bring out the genius within you.

E-book: https://www.amazon.in/Journey-Towards-Holistic-Living-Transformation-ebook/dp/B09BK696BF/

Check out her Blogs - https://www.riuaritri.com/category/blog/

Check her Mindful Meditation Books - https://www.amazon.in/s?k=riu+aritri&ref=nb_sb_noss_1

Books - https://www.riuaritri.com/product-category/books/

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Aritri Sarkar, Reiki Grandmaster, Author, Blogger, Energy Healer, Yoga Instructor (MPhil, Med)

Aritri is an artistic, Soulful, Reiki Master, Healer, Spiritual Seeker, Author, Motivator, Blogger, and Yoga Teacher. She is the founder of Rediscovering Inner Universe (RIU) a platform that offers to live a holistic lifestyle through natural healing, mediation & mind power. She loves to read & write. She published books on Holistic Lifestyle & Mindful Coloring Meditation. Her mission is to bring dynamic transformation to people’s lives.

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  • Sat, 17-Jul-2021
    Ayan Sen
  • Wed, 28-Jul-2021
    Arunava Sarkar
    Very relaxing mindful meditation technique.
  • Wed, 28-Jul-2021
    Nidhi Jain
  • Wed, 28-Jul-2021
    Saraya R
    Lovely Illustrations. I was not fond of art, but now I love to do coloring meditation.
  • Wed, 28-Jul-2021
    Sharanya Baral
  • Wed, 28-Jul-2021
    Vinit Sharma
  • Sun, 12-Sep-2021
    Arati Sarkar
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